Are Drones Fun Hobby? 11 Cool Things to do with the Drone


The number of drone users is increasing day by day. Everyone from hobbyists to professional photographers is turning more toward drone photography. So everyone’s perception of drones is changing very fast.

Drones are now widely used as a form of entertainment or fun. Everyone from kids to adults loves to play with drones or take pictures and videos. Even when traveling now people take drones with them. With drones, you can do everything like racing, photography, videography, and all these amazing fun things you can do from above.

11 Cool Things To Do With The Drone

Can you imagine flying around the city without having enough time to check out the sights? Or going to a party and forgetting to take the camera? Not anymore! With drones, you can capture amazing shots from above or even get video footage for your next social media post.

Here are some cool things that you can do with drones:

1. You can capture amazing shots

Drones aren’t new, but they’ve only recently become affordable enough for anyone to get their hands on one. They’re now being used for aerial photography and videography (which has exploded into a new form of cinematography), but they can also be used to create a ton of fun shots in your everyday life.

Drones are great tools for capturing both still and video images from high altitudes. These unmanned aircraft can be controlled remotely or autonomously and enable the user to see through camera lenses that provide a unique perspective.

It’s no secret that a drone shot can cost hundreds of dollars per minute to shoot. But with low-cost options like DJI Mini 2, you can finally afford to try drone photography. 

2. You can make your own drone community

Many people around the world would love to own their own drones. Drones are becoming cheaper and easier to create, allowing hobbyists to get started without breaking the bank.

You can start your own drone community using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

As there are many people nowadays using their personal drones for hobby or fun you can easily find people to make your own community.

It’s really a fun thing to build a community from scratch.

3. It’s really fun to upload your drone video on a youtube channel

Drone photography has become very popular over the last few years. Drones have revolutionized the way people film and capture footage. Nowadays, we have drones ranging from 4k cameras to 8k ones, that allow us to shoot high-definition photos.

It’s a great opportunity to boost your community by making a youtube channel and uploading your drone footage.

If you go to youtube now and find some drone footage you will see how many views drone footage can get.

Also, you can earn money by monetizing your youtube channel. It’s a fun and earns situation, isn’t it?

4. Make your special events memorable with drone video

A wedding is always an important event. And since it’s such a big day, it makes sense that you want to capture memories forever. The good thing is drones offer some really cool ways to record these moments.

Nowadays traditional photography is going to die. why?

Because drones are becoming more and more affordable. So everyone is buying a drone instead of a hand camera. Drones can take photos from everywhere that you cannot even imagine.

Drones are mini aircraft that offer incredible views and shots from above. They can shoot HD videos or take photos at night. Drones can be controlled remotely via apps on smartphones and tablets. The applications include aerial photography, cinematography, videography, and more.

5. Aerial Photography Business is trending


Aerial photography has been around for quite some time now. It was originally used only by professional photographers for commercial purposes.

Today, however, drones have changed the game completely. Anyone can become a pro at flying these devices to capture stunning photos or videos.

Nowadays almost every company wants to add aerial footage to their consumer advertisement. So the demand for aerial photographers increasing day by day.

From hobbyists to professionals, everyone can benefit from using them.

The company uses drones equipped with cameras to capture breathtaking views of landscapes, buildings, and landmarks.

Drone photography is becoming much easier with the development of advanced technology. These devices can also give you amazing nighttime shots.

So you can see it’s a growing trend and will continue to grow in the future.

6. Make your holiday or Travel Photos more dynamic than before

Well, drone photography can be a great way to get some amazing shots from unique angles during your holiday.

Drone photography has become an essential part of modern travel – whether you’re taking photos at a festival or exploring the backstreets of a new city. The good news is that drones are now affordable enough to fit into anyone’s budget.

Drones are very lightweight and easy to carry in a small bag. So you don’t have to worry about carrying a drone with you.

Drones are also far less intrusive than other forms of photography and allow you to capture photos from above without having to climb high buildings or fly very close to the ground.

They also offer a range of features that enable you to take pictures in places where humans cannot go otherwise. For example, they provide 360-degree views and can even record video in 4K resolution.

7. If you are a student then make your projects different then others using drone footage

You might ask yourself, “How can I improve my project? How can I make it stand out from others?” One thing you can do is add different angles of view and information.

If your drone captures a scene from only above, you can always zoom down to get some great ground shots. This way, you can show your audience a new perspective on your topic.

Another option would be adding more details to your project. For example, you could add a map showing your route. This will allow your viewers to see exactly where you took your pictures and videos.

This type of image brings your project to a whole other level.

8. If you are a tech guy then drone making will be more fun for you

With the increased interest in drones, many people are wondering if they can make their own. The answer is yes, it is possible to build your own drone.

Self-assembly kits for drones are becoming increasingly popular among hobbyists and makers.

Some of the basic parts to build a drone are flight controllers, motors, propellers, batteries, body material, various sensors, cameras, etc.

It is fun to make your own drone. So if you like to build things on your own then go for making a drone. It will be worth your time.

9. Drone hobby can keep your children away from drug addiction

Nowadays, children easily become addicted to drugs. This has become a source of great concern for parents.

So parents should keep their children engaged in something so that they don’t go in a bad direction.

Drones can be a way to keep kids occupied in their free time. Because the whole family can spend time with drones.

Moreover, drone racing has gained a lot of popularity these days. Children can spend their free time well by participating in these drone racing clubs.

10. Big fun to areal exploration

It is very pleasant to visit new areas with drones. Aerial footage has become very popular these days.

If you want, you can make great footage of beautiful places with drones and put them on YouTube.

By doing this you will be earning as well as photography.

11. Drone racing getting more and more popular nowadays


Earlier kids used to pass the time playing video games but times have changed. Although the popularity of the games is still there, drone racing has become very popular due to the popularity of drones.

Drone racing is a lot of fun to watch. Because conventional car or motorbike racing is done on the ground, drone racing is done entirely in the sky.

Its racing view is also very attractive. You will get the same kind of racing experience in drone racing as in Star Wars.

The Downside Of Drones

1. It Can Be A Risk For General People

Drones can pose a danger to ordinary people. Because drone crashes happen often.
Since drones fly in the sky, if they cross over people on the ground, people may be injured.

So it is better to avoid flying drones in populated areas.

However, drone technology has become more reliable these days so the incidence of drone crashes is much less than before.

Because at present, the companies that produce drones make drones with lot of safety in mind.

2. You Can Break A Drone Easily If Don’t Know How To Control It

Today, drones are mostly plug-and-play, but some training is required before flying a drone.

There are some basic rules that should be followed when operating a drone. The instructions are inside the box of the drone. So read them well first and then fly the drone.

This will reduce the chances of drones crashing as well as save people from being injured by drone crashes.

3. Drones Have Some Area Restrictions

You can’t fly a drone everywhere you want. Drones can be flown almost everywhere except for certain areas.

DJI brand drones can automatically identify the no-fly zones so DJI drone users don’t have to worry about it.

Drone flying laws are not the same in all countries. Therefore, before flying a drone, the laws related to drones in the country should be checked.

Generally, flying drones over airport areas, military areas, and government offices are prohibited.

4. Limited Range Of Drones

Except for professional drones, most drones have very short ranges.

In that case, the range of DJI drones is relatively good. DJI Mini 2 is a low-budget drone that has a range of 10km which is not available in other drones. It can transfer 4k video from that range. So its quality is incomparable.

And the range of the toy drone is very low. Their maximum range is 100 meters

5. Flying Over Private Property Is An Issue

If you fly a drone over someone’s private property, it may be an issue for them. they may complain about it. It’s obvious, isn’t it? you can’t fly a drone over someone’s private property. it’s illegal.

so be careful while you are flying a drone over public property.

6. Evil-Minded People Can Do Bad Things Using Drone

Drones can be very dangerous if they fall into bad hands.

They can video many secret things on people and later blackmail them.
Such incidents happen often.

So we have to be careful about these things. If you see anything suspicious, report it to the police.

7. Drones Cannot Carry Too Much Weight

Most medium-budget drones have less weight carrying capacity than even professional drones.

Normal drones are usually weight-bearing capacity. It ranges from 0.25kg to 2kg.

The drones that are capable of carrying a lot of weight are very expensive and cannot be used by ordinary people. They are called commercial drones.

Military drones have the highest weight-carrying capacity


Things To Know Before Flying A Drone

I am going to tell you 5 things I wish I knew before I started flying drones. It’s important to know this basic knowledge when you are going to fly a drone first time.

1. Learn the app well

Learn how to use the drone’s app when the drone is up in the air and you’re taking great photos and great videos.

That is the last place to be figuring out how to sort your return to home settings or your gimbal settings or your picture settings.

You need to be able to quickly access those items in the menu especially in a state of emergency so do yourself a favor and familiarize yourself with the app

2. Understand find my drone function in the app

If you are using a DJI drone then you can use the dgi’s find my drone function in the app and that will take you to the drone.

You can even make it beep to help you identify the drone. On the other hand, if you completely total your drone into the side of a cliff like I did and there’s no connection then you can find the last known GPS coordinates in the flight, records to take you straight to the point of the incident.

3. Battery temperature matters

Battery performance is impacted by temperature as a consequence of weather conditions have a big role to play in the performance of your drone.

Did you know if it’s very cold then you want to be heating your batteries up before you put them into the drone?

When you take the drone off hover at a certain height and let the battery get up to temperature.

So your drone doesn’t stand the risk of falling out of the sky on a sudden voltage drop.

4. Return to home button (RTH)

Learn how a return to home (RTH) works and it is a fantastic fail-safe. If you don’t understand how it works properly.

It can still crash your drone it could send your drone rocketing up into the canopy of trees you could fly forwards into buildings if you haven’t set the return to home height correctly.

Check out all the information on return to home and make sure you have it set up properly for your particular shooting environment.

5. Careful about battery warning

Understand the battery warning system. Low batteries must account for most drone crashes.

You get a three-stage warning the first one you can set yourself is the low battery warning might be set at 30% or 25%.

Then you might have a smart return to home (RTH) option where the battery gets to a certain point at which time there is only enough power to get the drone home.

Then you’re going to get a critical warning at which point the drone will try and land itself. You don’t want to be down at that point if you’re still flying over water you need to understand how the drone responds.

The different drones are different as well test it out before you take the thing miles away and get yourself in trouble

Should I Buy A Drone Or A Camera?

if you are in a decision-making process right now, I would say of course it depends a little bit on what you want to do.

When you want to do photography and you want to specialize in aerial photography and it could actually make sense to get a drone at first.

In aerial photography, I must actually say that shutter speed doesn’t matter so much because when you film like higher up from the air then usually you don’t have that much motion blur or you don’t want to soften any water.

So you don’t make long exposure photos. When you’re a photographer and you want to be special or you want to become a photographer and you want to specialize directly in aerial photography you have no real interest in normal photography you only want to do the aerial stuff then it could make sense to buy a drone.

Should I Buy A Drone For Travel?

Nowadays drone photography is so popular that most travelers carry drones with them. Because drone footage is as interesting as it is amazing. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before carrying a drone.

  • You have to know about drone laws
  • How to pick the best drone for travel
  • How to pack your drone with your luggage

Can Anyone Buy A Drone?

The popularity of drones is increasing day by day. And the funniest part is that anyone can buy paint now. You can fly drones according to the rules of a country or region. In that case, you need to know the drone laws.


In the end, if you are new to the drone industry then you should find out what things you wanna do with a drone, ask yourself first these questions:

  • are you interested in drone racing?
  • or you wanna shoot aerial photos or videos?
  • or just you just wanna fly for fun?
  • or wanna use the drone for professional work?

there are various types of drones, and their price also depends on their working capacity and functionality so before buying a drone you should check your needs. This will save you money and time.

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