Drone vs RC Helicopter: Which one is better?


A few years ago I was searching for a good option for aerial photography. After doing some research I found that RC helicopter is not suitable for aerial photography because of their instability during flight. So what is the best option for aerial photography?

When it comes to aerial photography then it’s obvious that a Quadcopter Drone is the best choice. You should not waste your time playing with an RC helicopter if you want to take cool photos and videos from above. A Quadcopter Drone will give you stability and performance with reliability.

In this article, I am sharing with you my real experience with Drone and RC Helicopter. I will tell you my honest opinion so that you can choose the best one for you without any hesitation or confusion.

According to researchgate.net

A multi-rotor drone has four rotors. When it comes to commercial drones, however, the general rule is that the more rotors you have, the less the craft can stay in the air. Multi-rotor drones are stable, but they can fly for about half an hour. Multi-rotor drones are perfect for aerial photography and surveillance.

So let’s continue…

Difference Between RC Helicopters And Drones

In a nutshell, the biggest difference between drones and RC helicopters is their artificial intelligence and control capabilities.

Drones are generally small in size and RC helicopters are relatively large. The main reason for this is that helicopters have larger wings and tails.

While both were originally developed for recreational purposes, drones are now being used for many types of professional tasks and their use is increasing day by day.

And RC helicopters are mainly used for recreational purposes. It is rarely used in professional work.

How Do Drones Work?


Drones are electronic devices that are autonomous. At present, it will not be wrong to call drones flying robots.

Due to advanced navigation systems and accurate flight path control systems, they can locate and fire again.

Today’s drones are equipped with high-speed WiFi and GPS so the high-resolution video can easily be uploaded to the internet in real-time.

Usually, drones have 4 arms. Each arm has a high-speed motor. The speed of these motors is controlled by the onboard computer so that the drone can stay in one place or change direction easily.

Drones those has 4 arms are called Quadcopter.

How Do RC Helicopters Work?


RC helicopters are usually made as toys. You can’t do any regular professional work with them.

Since they are made for entertainment, they do not have any modern features. Only the functions needed to fly are present.

RC helicopters come in all sizes, small and large. Smaller helicopters are not very maneuverable while larger ones are much more maneuverable and can fly in many ways. Which looks quite interesting.

The battery backup of these helicopters is not much, like 10-20 minutes.
They can move back and forth and move up and down. The most interesting thing is that they can spin right and left.

Some RC helicopters have cameras that can take pictures or videos. They can be used for aerial observation

There is some difference between these two flying vehicles:


Both drones and helicopters are operated by rotating propellers. But then there are some differences between them in terms of technology.

At present, drones refer to as quadcopters, which means that drones have four wings, so the stability of drones is much higher than helicopters, and drones can quickly maneuver in any direction.

RC helicopters have a fan vertically on the top and a fan on the rear tail. This makes helicopters much larger than drones in terms of size which cannot be easily carried.

Compared to drones, helicopters are less maneuverable and due to the large size of the main propeller of the helicopter, it takes up a lot of space during flight, so the helicopter cannot be operated in small or narrow spaces.

Obstacle Detection

Usually, toy drones do not have obstacle detection sensors. Basically, drones under $300 are considered toy drones.

However, even low-cost drones today have obstacle detection facilities. It is an important sensor that protects the drone from being damaged by hitting various objects.

RC helicopters usually do not have obstacle detection sensors. However, due to the cheapness of the era, many toy RC helicopters now also have obstacle detection sensors.

Larger helicopters have much better obstacle detection sensors.


There are a few different ways that a drone can be stabilized in the air. The first is through the use of GPS, a system that uses satellites to determine the drone’s location.

GPS is not foolproof, however, and can be affected by factors such as weather and interference from other electronic devices. The second way to stabilize a drone is through the use of an altimeter, which is a device that measures the altitude of the drone.

Stability is one of the key factors that determine whether a helicopter or drone will be successful in its intended task. Drones are often more maneuverable than RC helicopters.

Stability is very important to take aerial footage and videos. The more these devices are stable more the quality you will get.


It’s very easy to control a drone because of its plug-and-play feature. You don’t need any special training to fly a drone.

You just have to attach your phone to the drone controller and start the drone and that’s it drone will fly. Modern drones have various sensors to protect the drone from crashes.

On the other hand, you may not get drone-like control over an RC helicopter. Most RC helicopters are made for general recreation purposes so the manufacturer doesn’t attach any high-end sensor to them so it’s not good as a drone.

But a big RC helicopter has some features like a drone as they are useful for other purposes rather than recreational purposes.

Design And Shape Or Size

Nowadays drones are really very small shapes that you can carry inside a small backpack.

And because of this portability, the popularity of drones has increased so much.
Anyone can now fly anywhere with a drone.

Today’s quadcopter drones are foldable and the arms can be folded.

On top of that, RC helicopters cannot be easily carried due to their large size.
Moreover, they cannot be folded like drones, so carrying RC helicopters is a lot of trouble.

A separate vehicle is required to carry the large-size helicopter.

Easy To Carry

Car drones are now very easy to carry. Can be carried in a small bag.
Due to the fact that the drones are foldable, their size becomes very small, so they can easily fit into any bag.

A separate carrying bag is now available for carrying the drones which keep the drones safe from damage.

RC helicopters are very difficult to carry because there are no carrying bags available for them and you can’t easily put them in a bag because the blades may break easily.

Easy Flying

Drones are very easy to fly. Adikansha Droni is plug and play. You don’t need special training to fly them. If you look at the manual that comes with the drone, you will easily understand how to fly it.

Currently, drones have many types of sensors to keep the drone safe. So flying a drone has become much easier than before for the common man.

However, drones used for professional purposes require specific training to fly. And in some cases licensing is required by the country.

RC helicopters are not much easier to fly than drones. Toy helicopters may be easy but flying big helicopters is difficult for common people because they require training to fly.

Because larger RC helicopters are more maneuverable, they require time and proper training to master flying techniques.

Range Capability

The range of drones has greatly increased due to improved battery technology. Where earlier drones couldn’t fly for more than 10-15 minutes, now they can fly for 30-40 minutes effortlessly.

As a result, the range of drones has increased. Drones of various ranges are now available in the market starting from a minimum range of 2 km. What kind of range you need depends on the type of work.

This has resulted in many benefits for professionals. Casual users can now record videos for much longer and kids are getting their sports needs met as they fly longer.

Although RC helicopters have been dominating the market for a long time. However, after the advent of drones, the demand for helicopters has decreased significantly because helicopters cannot provide all the benefits that drones can provide.

Helicopters usually have a range of 1-2 km. But the range of helicopters made for special work is more.

Height Limitations

In the US you cannot fly a drone or RC plane or helicopter above 400 feet.
Although drones are capable of flying above 400 feet, it is useless to discuss the matter since there is a legal limitations.

However, a general worker does not need more than 400 feet.

RC helicopters can climb a lot but not all. The range of toy helicopters is not at most 100 meters.

Larger helicopters have longer ranges and can climb over 400 feet.

Load Capability

Commonly used drones can carry payloads ranging from 0.5 kg to 2 kg.

However, drones designed for special tasks can carry a payload of 100-300 kg.
Military drones have the highest payload capacity, ranging from 500 kg to several tons.

RC helicopters are very similar to drones, but toy helicopters have a much smaller payload capacity, approximately 36 grams.

But larger RC helicopters are capable of carrying a total payload of 4-12 kg.

Safety And Liability

Drones are generally designed with the safety of the general user in mind.
Moreover, the manufacturers also attach more importance to the safety aspect of the drone itself.

This special security is ensured by the onboard computer with various types of sensors.

RC helicopters also have plenty of safety features since they are mostly flown by children.

But helicopters have fewer safety features than drones.

However, larger RC helicopters are equipped with better safety features but they are more expensive.

Budget Considerations

You can get drones for between $20-$250. But drones under $300 are generally considered toy drones.

So those who want to buy a drone for recreation should choose drones for under $300.
But for professional work, you must select drones above $300.

There is no limit to the highest cost of drones. Because military drones cost millions of dollars.

Professional drones can cost anywhere from $2500-$250000 depending on the type of work.

Since RC helicopters are not used for professional purposes, most helicopters are cheap. Because these are toy drones.

However, there are some RC large drones that are used for professional purposes that are quite expensive.

RC helicopters are available starting from $20 to a maximum of $40000

Advantages Of Flying An RC Helicopter

In fact, since the advent of drones, the popularity of RC helicopters has decreased a lot. As a result, it is meaningless to talk about its advantages.

Frankly speaking, RC helicopters have fewer advantages than drones. Because a drone can do the things that an RC helicopter can’t do.

RC helicopter is used more for entertainment purposes only. Also if someone is a helicopter fan then he can buy an RC helicopter just for a hobby.

But since the popularity of drones has increased a lot, RC helicopter manufacturers are now turning to drones.

Although they are now installing modern sensors in all the helicopters they are making but after that, the performance of drones is much better than that of helicopters.

Advantages Of Flying A Drone

The advantages of drones cannot be overstated. Here is a list of drone advantages:

  • Drones are easy to fly.
  • Drones can be used for both hobby/fun or professional purposes.
  • Due to the high stability of the drone, professional quality videos can be made with the drone.
  • Due to the small size of the drone, it is easily portable.
  • Rescue work can be done in any difficult situation with drones.
  • Drone racing has become a very popular sport among kids.
  • There is no alternative to drones in military operations.
  • Big companies are now using drones to deliver their products.
  • Drone photography has become very popular as a new branch of photography.

There are also many other tasks that cannot currently be done without drones.

Some Drone Example

There are various types of drones nowadays. Here I am going to tell you the best drones that you can buy without any hesitation for hobby or professional use:

So If you are 15 or above then you can try DJI Mini 2 for your first flight. Because all DJI drones have some cool features along with HD cameras that will make sure that you and your drone will be safe during flight time.

DJI Mini 2

DJI Mini 2

4K HD, 12MP

flight time

31 Minutes


3-Axis Gimbal

good for

Hobbyists, Content Creator

Core Features:

  • Weight: less than 249 g
  • 12mp Camera
  • 4k/30fps video and a 3-axis motorized gimbal
  • 10km of HD Video transmission
  • Battery life of 31 minutes
  • Mini 2 can resist level 5 winds
  • Max altitude of 4,000 meters
  • Remote Control

There is another version of DJI Mini that is called DJI Mini SE. The price of Mini SE is lesser than Mini 2. So it’s a little bit budget friendly than the Mini 2, it has almost the same features but you have to sacrifice camera regulation. It has a 2.7K Camera but it’s an HD camera, so it will work fine too.

Now come to the under-15 age drone. Actually, a drone that is less than $300 is called a toy drone. This type of drone is made for kids just for flying or taking some pictures or videos.

The picture quality of these types of drones is not good as professional drones. It’s obvious because the more you spend money the more you get better quality.

Now I will discuss some of the toy drones that are perfect for kids. This will be an honest opinion based on my original research. So you can make your decision quickly without any hesitation.

List of top 5 drones for kids:

PositionBrand% of 5 Star ReviewTotal Review5 Star Review
1.Holy Stone HS21066%4,9823,342
2.Ryze Tech Tello65%2,6481,719
3.Potensic A2061%9,0685,649
4.Force1 Scoot57%15,4718,951
5.DEERC D2057%14,2208,489
Top 5 drones for kids based on amazon review

You can choose anyone for your kids and have fun!!

Some RC Helicopter Example

If you are interested to try RC helicopters then here are some good helicopters:

  • Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Helicopter
  • Walkera Super CP 6CH 3D Helicopter
  • XFX 450 DFC 2 4G 9CH 3D Flybarless RC Helicopter


which one is efficient? Drone Vs Helicopter

When we talk about drones vs helicopters, we mean two different types of flying machines. Drones operate without a pilot, while helicopters require a human operator. In other words, drones do not need a person to fly them; whereas, a helicopter requires a human to control it. So, how does a drone compare with a helicopter?

But if compare the drone with an RC helicopter then it should be compared because both are UAVs.

In terms of efficiency, a drone will be better than an RC helicopter. Because the drone has 4 rotters to control its movement the other hand helicopter has only two rotters which are less maneuverable than the drone.

Are there any Helicopter Drones With Cameras?

Helicopter with Camera

You may be surprised to know that there is an RC helicopter with a camera. Not just a normal camera, it’s an FHD 1080p camera.

The helicopter model’s name is: SYMA RC Helicopter Drone

Does the Military use Helicopter Drones?

It’s obvious that the military has many types of drones based on their various kind of missions. So they have all types of drones that you cant imagine. Because all major technology first come for military use.

So we can say that the military does use helicopter-type drones for their special mission.

Drones Or RC Helicopters Which Is Better For Taking Photos And Videos?

Both RC helicopters and drones have their pros and cons. However, in the case of RC helicopters, stability is one of the key factors that determine whether or not they will be successful in their intended task.

Drones, on the other hand, are often more maneuverable, but this may not always be the case.

Ultimately, it comes down to what the user is looking for and how they plan on using the drone or helicopter.

But nowadays drones are basically used for aerial photography. So drone is the best option for taking photos and videos.

Drone Or RC Helicopter For Beginners?

For those of you who are just starting to explore the world of drones and helicopters, a great option is to use either one.

While a drone is great for getting overhead shots or capturing footage from a distance, a helicopter offers a different set of benefits.

For instance, a helicopter can be used to film close-ups or capture footage from high up in the air. But the drone will better perform than then an RC helicopter because of its stability.

So whether you are a hobbyist or a professional photographer I think the best thing to choose is a drone.


In the end, I will be very happy if you enjoy reading this article and find some valuable information.

It’s totally up to you which one you will choose, but my opinion is to go for a drone instead of a helicopter because you will find the drone fun to fly and also it will be a great advantage to take photos and videos than the helicopter.

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