Can Drone Fly Without WiFi or Phone? Research on Mavic Mini


Many people ask this question, the drone can fly without WiFi, Phone, Internet, or even GPS?

It’s obvious that drones can fly without WiFi. Because of built-in WiFI and GPS, all modern drones like DJI Mavic Mini can able to fly without WiFi and GPS. Even They don’t need to use your phone’s WiFI or GPS. They will work just fine.

It is clear that drones are always connected to drone controllers. So if you don’t connect any phone or tablet with the controller that doesn’t mean that you can’t fly your drone, you just don’t see any video but you can fly your drone.

I’m gonna be answering the question of does the Mavic Mini require an internet connection (as I use Mavic Mini for research purpose) on your device when you’re using it.

So you could be either using a phone or you could be using a tablet maybe even like an iPod or something like that.

In this article, I’m gonna be answering that question as well as how GPS is affected by your device. So I’m going to be checking out both of those.

1. Conducting Regular Test Flight

First, to start off these tests I’m gonna set a baseline by starting off with just a regular flight. And I have an I phone 11 pro max which is connected to cellular and it’s also connected to my home Wi-Fi right now nothing is modified this is just like a regular flight.

Just like a normal regular fly it just worked fine.

2. Conducting Flight Without GPS

After flying it perfectly I’m gonna return home now, it will auto return home and it is able to do this because of GPS. I am not totally sure if it’s doing it because of my phone’s GPS or if it is doing it because of the drone GPS so I’m checking that now.

I fly it again by turning my mobile GPS off and this time the drone returns home perfectly. So it’s proven that drone has their own GPS.

3. Conducting Flight Without WiFi

After the second time returning home I fly it again but this time I turn my mobile GPS and WiFi off. And this time also the drone returns home perfectly.

That means the Drone has its own WiFi system to communicate with its controller. And it doesn’t matter whether your mobile WiFi is on or off.

4. Conducting Flight Without Phone


Now I will test the drone without my phone and let’s see what happens.

And finally, the drone flies and returns perfectly. The only problem is I can’t see anything from the drone camera.

So as you can see drones can fly without GPS, WiFI, or phone. But you should use wifi and GPS when you fly a drone because it will give you some extra benefits.


Can I Fly A DJI Drone Without Internet?

You absolutely can fly a drone without the internet. In fact, if you’re looking for a fun hobby to do outside, getting a drone and learning how to fly it just might be the perfect option for you. 

Can I Fly DJI Mini 2 Without Internet?

DJI has released the mini drone without an internet connection. And now the answer is Yes, you can fly DJI Mini 2 Drone without internet.

Do Drones Use Wifi Or Bluetooth?

Both technologies are used in drones but their purpose is different. Bluetooth is mostly used in toy drones because of its short range. On the other hand, WiFi has a bigger range and can be used in long-distance outdoor drones.

The max range of Bluetooth is less than 100m and WiFi max range is greater than 1000m

How Does Drone Wifi Work?

Drone wifi refers to wireless networks established using a remote-controlled aircraft. These drones communicate with their ground station – usually a Controller or laptop – using radio waves, similar to how regular wifi devices work.

Airborne wifi uses a high-frequency radio signal broadcasted by the drone’s transmitter. When this radio wave reaches the ground, it bounces off buildings and objects before returning back to the drone.

Once the drone receives the signal, it demodulates it and converts the data packets into digital information. Finally, the drone uploads the information to its controller via a WiFi connection.

What Is A Wifi Drone?

Nowadays Drones use wifi technology to operate and allow users to stream live video directly to the internet or via social media sites.

WiFi Technology is a wireless data communication system. The main purpose of WiFi is to transfer data as fast as possible to remote devices such as drones.

Most consumers prefer using wifi drones as they provide clear images and videos compared to traditional cameras.

They are commonly used for aerial photography, security purposes, and for taking real-time footage. Wifi drones are becoming an affordable alternative to professional drone services.

There are many different uses for wifi drones including commercial filming for films and TV shows, sports broadcasting, product/event promotion, wildlife research, and general entertainment.

How Much Data Does A Drone Use During its fly time?

There is no specific info about this matter.

Drones transfer the most data when streaming live. Also, use some data when taking pictures or videos, but less than live streams.
Using every component of the drone will use data like GPS, Wi-Fi, etc.


Finally, it can be said that the drone is capable of running without GPS or WiFi because the drone has its own GPS and WiFi system, so it does not have to rely on the phone’s GPS or WiFi.

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